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The first rule of Fruit Fight Club...

Welcome to Fruit Fight Club, the mischievous world of NFT fruits. Our unique collectable art project features hand-drawn fruits with iconic pop-culture references waiting to be discovered. But we're more than just an art project. Our mission is to bridge the gap between those in need of food and those who have the resources to help. That's why we donate 10% of every collection to fight world hunger.

We sold out our first season with 444 OG Oranges and our second season brought forth 500 Stoned Apples in collaboration with the Cardano Stonerz Club. Now, we're celebrating our first anniversary with a special collection of Good Vibe Grapes that you can mint for free on our 'GVG' page.

Join us in our underground fight club as we push the boundaries of what's possible with NFTs. Our ultimate goal is to create our very own Fruit Fight Club game, all while supporting a great cause. It's time to unleash your inner fruit and become a part of the Fruit Fight Club community.


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The FFC season 1 OG Oranges are sold out, check out the collection on JPEG store 

Keeping the Art 


You do not talk about Fruit Fight Club


When you buy a Fruit Fighter, you’re not simply buying a unique, had-drawn piece of digital art. You are gaining membership to a digital club with benefits and offerings that will increase with each new season. Your Fruit Fighter can serve as your digital identity, be held as an investment and connect you with a community of like minded individuals. (1) (3).gif

Fair Launch, fair distribution: All Fruit Fighters cost 45 ADA.


For Each NFT you purchase, 10% will go to help feed families in need. 


5% of all second market sales are distributed amongst club members through NFT airdrops


All owners are whitelisted for future seasons.

NFT next level upgrades for dedicated community members.


Real-world and digital perks through road map activations.

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JUNE 2022

Buy an OG orange on the secondary market to receive a whitelist for the Apples.

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OG Oranges

- 120+ traits
- 2d full art
- 3d trophies
- 3d member cards
- W/L for S2


Season 1  Sold  Out  

banana season 3.png


 Q4 2023


Currently in the mixer being smacked down, sucker-punched and juiced with double the insanity.

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Free Mint her

Road    Map

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DBZ final.jpg
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We want to build a unique and diverse online community that will also stand the test of time.


We’ve divided our project into three initial seasons that will build up to the reveal of the the beta version of our FFC online video game that will be released along with our fourth season. Once we hit a target sell through percentage, we will begin to work on realizing the stated goal.

phase 1

Season 1: OG Oranges

Q3  (2021) - Q1  (2022)



For our first season we sold out a collection of 444 unique Oranges featuring traits from different characters in pop culture. Each Orange gave its owner a whitelist for future seasons as well as other secret perks such as the Xmas collection, 3D Indi Idol Unlockable, 3D Members Card upgrade and The 1 of 1 2D full Art OGs.


You can purchase our OG oranges on the secondary market: