The first rule of Fruit Fight Club...

In a world where hunger is rampant and technology is abundant, the bridge between these resources is being built by a group of mischievous NFT fruits. Together they form an underground fight club with strict rules fueled by pop culture, parties, and rage.


FFC is a CNFT collectable art project created by artist Timothy Shaw based on a series of whimsical art pieces titled "Fruit Fight". Each fruit is a unique, hand-drawn art piece made with its own combination of iconic pop-culture references to discover.


Season one sold out with 444 OG Oranges and our season 2 collaboration with the Cardano Stonerz Club ushers in the arrival of 4,200 Stoned Apples.


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The FFC season 1 OG Oranges are sold out, check out the collection on JPEG store 

What makes our club special?

Each Fruit Fighter can be minted from a new variety of fruit each season. All of our CNFTs have a unique combination of traits that can be discovered with the rarity chart.


These misfits fruits brawl not only for glory, but also to bring awareness and fight against world hunger. 10% of every drop will be donated to Action Against Hunger, a global humanitarian organization that takes decisive action against the causes and effects of hunger:


Fruit Fight Club, more than an NFT project is a community that we’ve built over time and that we hope to keep growing. 5% of all the sales in the secondary market will be disbursed back to all holders of the OG oranges and Stoned Apples for believing in our cause.


After the “Bad Bananas” season has been minted, the secret “Fruit Fight Club” will finally appear and owners of rare NFTs will be able to fight against other club members with an avatar of their fruit in the beta version of our upcoming video game. (5).gif

1 of 1 2D Full art upgrades from season 1 for long term community holders.

You do not talk about Fruit Fight Club


When you buy a Fruit Fighter, you’re not simply buying a unique, had-drawn piece of digital art. You are gaining membership to a digital club with benefits and offerings that will increase with each new season. Your Fruit Fighter can serve as your digital identity, be held as an investment and connect you with a community of like minded individuals. (1) (3).gif

Fair Launch, fair distribution: All Fruit Fighters cost 45 ADA.


For Each NFT you purchase, 10% will go to help feed families in need. 


5% of all second market sales are distributed amongst club members.


All owners are whitelisted for future seasons.

NFT next level upgrades for dedicated community members.


Real-world and digital perks through road map activations.

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JUNE 2022

Buy an OG orange on the secondary market to receive a whitelist for the Apples.

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OG Oranges

- 120+ traits
- 2d full art
- 3d trophies
- 3d member cards
- W/L for S2


Season 1  Sold  Out  

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 Q4 2022


Currently in the mixer being smacked down, sucker-punched and juiced with double the insanity.

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Road    Map

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We want to build a unique and diverse online community that will also stand the test of time.


We’ve divided our project into three initial seasons that will build up to the reveal of the the beta version of our FFC online video game that will be released along with our fourth season. Once we hit a target sell through percentage, we will begin to work on realizing the stated goal.

phase 1

Season 1: OG Oranges

Q3  (2021) - Q1  (2022)



For our first season we sold out a collection of 444 unique Oranges featuring traits from different characters in pop culture. Each Orange gave its owner a whitelist for future seasons as well as other secret perks such as the Xmas collection, 3D Indi Idol Unlockable, 3D Members Card upgrade and The 1 of 1 2D full Art OGs.


You can purchase our OG oranges on the secondary market:

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og oranges

xmas collection

2d full arts

3d Indi idol unlockable

3d Member Card 741 (1).gif

3d members card upgrade

phase 2



Season 2: Stoned Apples

   Q2 2022


For this special season we’re collaborating with the Cardano Stonerz Club and will be releasing 4,200 limited edition Stoned Apples with unique attributes and props.


Only a small percentage of our unique attributes have been revealed. Further details will come out as the season is minted, so stay tuned to this website, or Discord, or Twitter for sneak peaks on ultra rare items with unique real-world perks. All owners of a Stoned Apple will be whitelisted for the pre-release of Season 2.

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  • Collaboration finalized                                                                               

  • Partnership with Cannabis Brand TBA                                                                                                            

  • Mexican focused charitable donations for the collection.                                                                      

  • mint date on june 17th                                                                                 

  • Reveal of real world Utility                                                                          

  • Secret Unlockables                                                                                   

  • S1 & S2 cross tag team battle                                                                   

  • Sold out nd Ethereum cross chain.  

Season 3: Bad Bananas

(Q4 2022)

For our third season we will release our largest collection yet of over 10,000 Bad Bananas on the fourth quarter of 2022.

Season 4: The Fruit Fight Club is open for business


Along with the release of Season 4 featuring a special kind of fruit, the beta version of our digital “Fruit Fight Club” will open. Owners of ultra rare Fruit Fighters will be able to access the game online and fight other club members with their unique Fruit avatars.


As further seasons are released, our online game will keep evolving and eventually be made accessible to all members of the FFC community.



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Technical Developer



Community manager/ Architect
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3D Artist / Designer

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Marketing / Creative